Filming Permit & Journalist Visa

Applying for filming permit in Indonesia is easy, process may vary in lead time, most of the time is a short 2 weeks to complete ..

Extras, Arts, Wardrobes and Props

For a successful production we need a lot of elements to work together to complete […]

Works and Showreels

Here some of our fixing job, with client from worldwide production houses, from their prep […]

Home of Indonesian Best Fixer

Indonesia most productive Filming/Cinema Fixer, experienced in Movie cinema making, documentary movies, TVC and self productions movies.

Mentawai, Making bags

We are experienced and hardworking fixer team, in a year we at average fixing 18 – 22 filming all over Indonesia. From a big cinema production, TVC, documentaries and self production filming.

As us registered fixer to operate in Indonesia Nationwide, you will have smooth permits organization and acquirement, either National filming permits, location permits.

Our Experiences also introduce us to wide vast network of Indonesia filming world. From renting ARRI Alexa, RED, Lenses, Anamorphic lenses (Hawk-C, Cooke, Engenaux, Zeiss or elses ), or a mobile documentary camera rental sets. Lighting and any particular filming equipment rental also part of our networks that worked with us many times.

Additional helps is also on your request, runners, Gaffer, best boy, or DOP, Ascam, or even your super star needs a PA, we are all over that needs. Or a thousand extras, arts, props, talents ? yea we have that and done that before.

Dani Tribe, Smoking

You name it, we will get it
Or either you search for a good location for your next production in Indonesia? Islands, Villas, Landscapes, Mountains, Cultural shows, Man made building – Indonesia has more to found for.

Cultural and unique custom in Indonesia also worth to film. Untouched by time tribe in West Papua, Human relationships, environmental issues, Orangutans, and perhaps one of the globe’s 7 wonders.

Tanah Lot, Bali

Indonesia has 17,500 islands, 800+ indigenous people, longest beach line in the world, world tropical rain forest, places that freezes and untouched by time, abandoned places, remote empty islands, modern urban cities, big city or quiet small city. Not to mention the cultures, customs, locations, landscapes, that surely will fit your filming needs.

Filming in Indonesia could save a lot of your budget, with lower living cost, lower manpower fees, equipment rental, cameras and lenses, location fees, will benefit more to your production houses and TV networks. Talk to us and lets plan a perfect fit budget for your production.

Why do you need us as fixer in Indonesia?
If you came from the other side of the globe, you will understand later that it could be a different world. They way to approach people and institution, the custom, the way people works, custom, politeness, and many else. That is where and when we are in. We know and live the local custom, cultures and bureaucracy, will shortly brief and advise you on everything that will helps you a lot. You will receive final advise instead of you learnt from your mistake.
Even a simple thing will much helps you, lets say you calculate the travel time over google map, its could be differ from reality, looking at the traffic and access availability. Say just across the street of your hotel, it show only 1 minutes, the reality sometime you cannot cross that street and going thru afar round about that takes 30 minutes(this happened before). So, we are there to help!

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