Equipment, Lighting, Lens, Camera Rent

Equipment are sometimes too heavy to carry over your flight. We are renting out cameras and equipment(Sony FS series, ARRI Alexa, RED series, with lenses and quality tripod/head)to support your filming in Indonesia.

Our rental equipment ranging from a simple Alpha 7 series, Arri Alexa, FS5/FS7, Canon C200/400 with requested lenses set. We do have Zeiss, Engenaux, Zeiss ultra prime, Cooke, Hawk-C anamorphic or a simple Canon L-series lenses.

Follow focus, monitor, HDMI sender, V-mount batteries as accessorizes as well provided.

For the lighting we have ARRI skypanels, or simple flexible led or portable LED bicolor. Or you need generator, Cstand, Hi boy or any kind of those accessories, send us the list, we will get it for you.

A drone rental and services also available with us, with licensed pilot and approved flight from the ministry of transportation and NOTAM from nearby airport to ensure your footage are legal and will be trouble free.

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