Filming Permit & Journalist Visa

General Procedure for Applying Shooting/Filming Permit in Indonesia

Applying for filming/ shooting permit in Indonesia, both photographic and film shooting are one of our service. The process itself vary in completion time, most of the time is a short 2 weeks time to complete, we suggest that you at least starting the procedure within a month prior your starting shooting date.

Drop us an email and we will walk you thru this simple process. It will be easy, we promise.

  • Contact Indonesian Embassy in your country and complete then submit all the required document
    Once submitted, the embassy will check then forward all the required document to Indonesia / Jakarta office of Indonesia Film Research and Development cc to Ministry of culture and Education. This will take 5 working days more less.
  • Application received in Jakarta
    Received by the Jakarta office, then Jakarta will process the submitted document and decision made every Thursday. Once approved, you will be notified via email. This will take 5 working days or possibly 2 weeks.
  • Issuing of Journalist Visa and Production Permit
    When approved, the embassy will issuing your journalist visa. Then you should send us the color scan copy of the visa to us along with several requirement to proceed for processing the permits and location permit in our side, please contact us for list of what you need to prepare and send us. This could be take 5 working days or possibly 2 weeks.
  • Location Permit
    Depending on your set and chosen filming location, we will visit each location to acquire permits including special requirement from the police (if any). Time to complete depends on the number of location

For Film Shooting purposes requires :

  1.  Apply shooting permit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in your country am Main c.q.
    Information Section. It is strongly advised to send application at least 30 days before departure to Indonesia.
  2. Recommendation from the Film producer.
  3.  Journalist visa Application form (double form/Person)
  4.  Presents copy of the Passport, List of Team Members, Curriculum Vitae.
  5. Must attach the Synopsis, Schedule, Location, List and Number of Film Equipment.
  6. In case, there is an additional team member or/and equipment, it has to be proceed as new application.
  7.  A recommendation letter of an official government agency can accelerate the licensing procedure.
  8.  Shooting Film at the Natural Reserve needs special permit (SIMAKSI) from the Directorate General for Natural Protection and Conservation, Ministry of Forestry.
  9.  Sign the Statement.
  10. When the permission has been granted, start the visa application.
  11. CBP/ATA carnet list for re-export equipment.
  12. All requests please in double form filled out submit. Please send us the color scan copies of the document.
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