Extras, Arts, Wardrobes and Props

For a successful production we need a lot of elements to work together to complete each other. The art departments, props, sets and wardrobes, and perhaps talents.

Whatever extras you need, with their looks and wardrobe, our team has a very extensive experienced working on the filming. As the crowd, or cameo or anything that you need to complete your scene, we will be able to provide them.

Bali Airport scene

Our wardrobe team able to cater the needs of your sets, in plenty options of looks upon your request. We did some tribal, glamours, beaches, dinner-style wardrobe for extras and talents.

Building a set, setting up a location to the look that you need, or special props you need for the host/actors/talents. Or making special items, like the rice bottle for your fighting scene, having the specials tools for the effect in your scene are part of our team specialties.

We built a tribal village before for the filming, we did built a jungle look and works together with stunt man.

Art department
Our art department can build and make almost anything that you asked for. their creativeness and technical knowledge will enrich and complete the filming scene you are looking for.

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