Location Permit Service

Having a good location are mandatory for any filming. Filming in specific requirement area needs the local knowledge to safe your time and effort. We know and and we travel a lot. We can secure the location for your filming to make sure your production going smoothly and as expected.

Some of the special area are needs special attention, in the Borobudur Temple, for example, Its not that you can hop in and start to shoot. The temple are world heritage and not only manage by regional office but needs other permit to work with. While you are preparing your production, we will handle you permit, so then when your team arrived, all you have to do is press the record button 🙂

Having all prepared and ready for you not only saving your team time, but also saving your production budget with spending to the right needs and amount. Consult us on any location that you need and we sure we will come with a suggestion.

Image gallery of Filming in Indonesia locations:

Filming Landscapes options, from stunning landscapeson the cliffside to the mountain and rice fields

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